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The following are some of Dr. Philips’ suggested links. 

Some of them are for services he recommends; others are to share with visitors to this site some of the finer things in life.
Ask Ellie - Advice by Toronto Star columnist Ellie Tesher  
Yuk Yuk’s International Comedy Club chain 
Robert Lantos owned Toronto-based motion picture production company 
Centre for dermatology, cosmetics and laser
Holt Renfrew- Leading Canadian fashion specialty store  
Jodi - High-end women’s clothing
Bogart - High-end men’s clothing retailer
Lexus - Dr. Philips’ car of choice
Dave Matthews Band - Dr. Philips’ music of choice
Squash - Dr. Philips’ sport of choice
For aficionados of fine single malt scotch
American Express - Don’t leave home without it! 
Toronto - Learn more about this great city! 
Roy Thompson Hall and Massey Hall
The Windsor Arms - Described as a grand hotel from an earlier and more elegant era
The Four Seasons - One of the city’s most luxurious hotels  
Toronto International Film Festival Group
Ticketmaster - For all your event tickets   
University of Western Ontario - Dr. Philips’ Alma Matter
University of Toronto - Dr. Philips’ Alma Matter 
Portal for discussing all things male
International wedding portal


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